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With its partners, that potential user base grows by several hundred million. As with any medium of exchange, the more people who adopt Libra, the more attractive it will become to other users. Hundreds of millions of people spend time and money on Facebook and the other Libra founding platforms. When those firms start accepting payments in Libra, the temptation for offline merchants to follow suit may prove irresistible, especially given that the two main payment card providers are also members of the Libra Association and will presumably work to facilitate adoption.

Warnings that Facebook wishes to supplant central banks make for interesting dystopian fiction — although currency competition can be beneficial. But they have little factual basis. Even active Libra users will retain an obligation to pay taxes in the domestic currency of their country of residence, making it very difficult to wean oneself off entirely from central bank-issued money. Furthermore, there are many jurisdictions where foreign currencies like the US dollar circulate alongside national currencies, which may be troubled or unattractive for tourists and some businesses to hold.

Libra would play a similar role and even provide a non-state alternative in jurisdictions with poorly performing central banks. Many people also worry that tech companies might use the large quantities of user data they hold for deleterious ends.

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When pressed to offer examples of such malicious acts, however, they struggle to offer any. Besides, the more competition there is in a sector, the costlier it becomes to discriminate on the basis of economically irrelevant traits such as race and gender. The challenge of data safekeeping is a legitimate worry and one that reputedly keeps banking CEOs up at night. On the contrary, the financial system would probably benefit from the involvement of companies that have long been thinking about how best to collect, digest, and protect user data.

How privacy legislation and tort law should complement each other to govern liability in cases of abuse is an important question, but tangential to the issue of whether tech firms should be able to compete for the financial business of households and companies. CapX depends on the generosity of its readers. If you value what we do, please consider making a donation. Please try again , or if problems persist, contact us with the above error message. We apologise for the inconvenience. CapX Exclusive. Sign up to our popular email briefing to get the most interesting stories from CapX and the wider web delivered direct to your inbox.

I would expect when Calibra is integrated into these programs, Facebook would be able to write a separate script or program to link your wallet to your identity. A stable coin is a cryptocurrency that is pegged to another currency, usually the US dollar. For example Bitcoin can have 20 to 30 percent price swings compared to the US dollar in a single day.


I am not trilled with stable coins, because unlike the more traditional cryptocurrencies, there is no hard limit to the number of coins. Bitcoin has a strict limit of 21 million coins that can ever be created.

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On the other hand, stable coins, especially when they are linked tot he US dollar, need to keep up with the inflation of the US dollar in order to keep their value. Libra will inflate along with the US dollar. Only members of the Libra Association can validate blocks the transactions. This is very different from most other cryptocurrencies where anyone can download the mining software and begin validating blocks.

A Libra Primer: Facebook’s new national currency – On my Om

At the beginning there will likely be only 20 to 30 validators for Libra. This type of governance structure is very similar to oligarchy. Only major corporate players is finance and technology will control the validation of blocks and the hard fork process, therefore they will control everything on the blockchain. I think this time is at least close to accurate based on the location. I think this works because this time would be near the start of the work day there. But I have to admit that I could be off on the time by an hour in either direction.

Facebook’s Libra is part of a welcome trend

Looking at the chart, the aspect the jumps out the most is the Mercury in a partile conjunct Mars opposite Pluto. It is also opposite Saturn and conjunct the North Node. To me this aspect is about speaking rashly, about institutional power and wealth. If one reads the main white paper, the stated goal of this project is to bring banking to the estimated 1.

This may be an issue that first worlders think third worlders have. Another interpretation would be be this is a half truth. The fact that 1. This brings us to the next closes aspect in the chart Jupiter partile square Neptune. These statements are:. Jupiter is traditionally associated with belief and religion in astrology. In this chart Jupiter is square Neptune a planet dreams and enlightenment, but also deception and trickery. Under the worst case, this aspect would indicate a tendency to lie about your beliefs. In the best this would be idealizing your beliefs.

This is how most people reacted to the white paper. This is seen in the chart by having a full Moon in Capricorn.

The Moon is in determent in Capricorn so of course the public would react negatively to this. This would also indicate that Facebook and the Libra Association is not being completely honest about things. Jupiter is also opposite Venus using a wide orb.

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This aspect would indict that either that the Libra is planned to compete with the US dollar, or more likely the plan laid in the Libra Reserve white paper is not financially sound. The Libra Reserve white paper can be summarized as the Libra Association will hold a basket of other assets including other currencies, bank deposits, and government bonds to stabilize the Libra to near the US dollar. Authorized traders will trade these assets to stabilize the Libra.

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  • Frankly, I am not sure this would work long term because eventually the traders will be motivated to destabilize the Libra for more profit. Finally, the last planet to talk about is Uranus.

    Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency explained

    Uranus makes two aspects in this chart. One to the Moon and one to the Ascendant. The aspect to the Moon would indicate the public may look upon the advances in blockchain technology more favorably than anything else announced. They may also be unsettled by the announcement too. The aspect to the ascendant is only accurate if the time is. Seeing if this aspect happens would indicate whether or not the time is close to accurate.

    If the time is accurate I would expect that Libra may have some unexpected technological delays. Because you could use the 10 th house, it may also mean unexpected delays due to government regulations. In my analysis, I think the Libra cryptocurrency is an interesting concept for Facebook and the Libra Association to try. I am just not sure they can balance the needs of the larger community against their own need to track and control everything. What happens in the future though, is not really up to what Facebook and Libra Association does, it is what we as people do about it.