Horoscope january 16 daily

There are three more days to Capricorn season, and this means that the Sun will begin to prepare itself to change zodiac signs and enter the freedom loving energy of Aquarius. In the meantime, your one job is to use the power of your heart and inner drive to tackle things.

This is what the Capricorn zodiac sign does. Symbolized by the seagoat, there are rocky mountains, tough terrain, and sometimes places where it appears to be nothing in your world that's there to help you get to the top.

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But, with a little bit of thick skin and a one track mind, you'll be surprised how far you can go. The Moon is still in the sign of Taurus this morning, and then later today it enters the sign of smart, multifaceted Gemini. Gemini symbolizes your personal duality: who you used to be vs who you are becoming.

So, if you ever needed a hint that your future is just around the corner, take this signal from the universal powers that be. It is. The Full Moon lunar eclipse energy may also be felt more by some of you who are energy transit sensitive.

January 16, 2019 All Signs 🌬🔥🌊🌎Daily Message

There's the longing for more joy, more fullness of life, and more winning. These are wonderful, life changing times. Aries, when it comes to feeling stuck, you often try to look past the situation and on to what you can to do to make things better. You're used to fresh starts so seeing that there's an opportunity to change the way things once were, you are likely to consider this a divine appointment.

The problem you face is there is an obstacle that blocks progress. This may not be easy to avoid or climb around. You may need to find a new skill to handle challenges that you didn't even know you had. Don't be afraid to take the time you need to think about your situation. Taurus, when it comes to feeling stuck, you often try to avoid feeling it as much as possible.

To you, regret doesn't help improve a situation so why focus on that emotion.

Aries daily horoscope – January 16 12222

Focus on what you can do to make a change, and then do it. The question is will you want to take the chance you have before you right now? Perhaps your partner receives a boost in their income or you find a workable solution to make your money stretch. Either way, stay optimistic about the future. Today is the perfect day for meetings, calls, emails, etc. On a similar note, when it comes to getting things done today, your best bet is to work within a team or look to ways you can collaborate with others.

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People are a resource. Things should pick up for you financially today. You could end up receiving a job offer, a new client, or a bump in income. Just make sure that you remain diligent when it comes to managing your cash. On a separate note, a relationship could use your attention. Check in. You're feeling more confident in your talents and abilities today, putting you in the driver's seat when it comes to securing a new opportunity.

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In other words, there's very little that can stop you now. Romantically, you're also winning. Just continue taking care of you. You might have a hard time getting going today as your body and soul still need a time out.

Pisces daily horoscope – January 16

However, if you've been stressing over something or someone, you might find the strength and resilience you need to find some healthy detachment. Try window shopping with a friend instead. Feel no guilt for being yourself today. Ignore your typical frugal ways today and just have some fun. Get in on a poker game or go on a mini shopping spree!

The moon enters Gemini today.

Someone full of charisma is bound to be in your presence today. Enjoy the vibes and feel free to go a little wild if you want to. Those angry feelings have been building up lately, especially with subjects related to work. Do yourself, and the world, a huge favor by working through the frustration at the gym or with a creative hobby.